Friday, July 31, 2015

Would You Complain?,……

I just watched a video that showed a man playing Taps every evening at sunset in a neighborhood in Tacoma Washington. His neighbors listen as he plays, rain or shine. They stop what they are doing for the length of the music and pay respect to the song. It brought a tear to my eye,….
Bugle Call
What would you do? Would you stand at attention during his playing? Or would you say, “There goes that nut playing again, there out to be a law about that”. We boast many times about Southern hospitality. I believe this is becoming a thing of the past, along with many other aspects of what is good in the world. Here is that video,… be sure and watch it.

Click here for video

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  1. I would stand at attention and enjoy every minute of it. We used to get woke by the Navy doing drills, loved going out and waving our flags at them, many tipped there wings to us, they were low enough I could've thrown a rock and hit them.