Thursday, September 10, 2015

Have We Forgotten?,….


I do realize I’m a day early,… but tomorrow take a minute to remember those who died, their families and the rescuers. The police, fire and all of the responders who will never forget the images of what they saw in the coming days.

Have we forgotten what it feels like to be,… united? Have we forgotten the day America was under attack? We were attacked by terrorists yet the President of our United States makes deals with them. Swapping prisoners and now the Iran nuclear deal. The President of Our United States is a traitor and should be hung as such.

On Sept. 11, 2001, our United States was just that,…. united. We hugged people. We cried with people We cried because people died, because families lost loved ones,… children lost fathers and mothers. We did not ask what color they were. We simply felt the pain of loss too,… even if we didn’t directly lose someone. We all felt it. We were united.

The President of our United States has driven a wedge in between black and white. Barack Obama has divided us. And we have let him. There is more racial tension in our country than ever before. Martin Luther King would be ashamed. Ashamed of the black race, the white race and especially the President of our United States.  King’s dream may turn out to be a nightmare if America doesn’t wake up. We can no longer tolerate the hate that is churning in our nation. We are festering like a boil and it is coming to a head.

Have we forgotten? Have we lost our way as Americans? We seem to be stuck on political correctness and it is killing us.

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