Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ole Miss vs Alabama,… Sept 19th,…

I really do not like late games. 7 pm games I don’t like. An 8:15 pm start is ridiculous. I need my beauty sleep,… not that it helps but anyway.

This is supposed to be a revenge game for Bama. The Tide has had this game circled since last years loss to the Rebels. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen of course but the answer will be provided Saturday nite starting at 8:15 on ESPN,….

So far this year the Rebels have looked pretty solid in just about all aspects of the game. The Rebels will hold an advantage at the QB spot with Chad Kelly vs Jake Coker. Kelly could very well turn out to be the next Manning at Ole Miss.

Running back spot,….  Bama holds an advantage with Henry and Drake leading the way. Ole Miss counters with Jaylen Walton and company. Most of which are average at best carrying the ball.

Offensive line play goes to the Rebels,… They could be without the services of Robert Conyers, who hurt a knee against Fresno State.  Bama’s Ryan Kelly and Cam Robinson shore up a line that has been relatively inconsistent.

Wide receivers are close to the same but an advantage has to go to Ole Miss for a couple of reasons. They have thrown the ball more thus higher stats and they haven’t played anyone of note yet. So stat wise, the Rebels hold an advantage here.

Defensive line,… Bama,… hands down. I don’t think there is a better front 3 or 4 than Bama.

Linebackers, while normally I would go with Bama here,… because of their lack of defending the crossing route, Ole Miss gets the nod here. So far they play better as a unit while Bama has allowed 2 “rushing” teams to dink and dunk their way downfield.  

Defensive backs,…. Ole Miss so far in this young season has performed better. Again,… the Rebels haven’t played anyone and Ole Miss will be without Tee Shepard for the first half.  He was ejected in the second half of the Fresno State game for targeting. Bama needs to take advantage of that early.

Special teams,… kickoffs/ coverage, punting/coverage, field goals tend to lean to Ole Miss. Until Bama finds a field goal kicker,… most any team will best Bama at this spot. It was reported earlier in the year from the Tide that Adam Griffith was suffering from back problems. Kickoffs have been good along with PAT’s. But missing filed goals seems to be mental. Not dissing the kid by any means but he just doesn’t have it as a field goal kicker.

It seems that Ole Miss wins this one going away. In the words of Lee Corso,.. “Not so fast my friends”. While Ole Miss was busy putting up over 70 points on UT Martin and Fresno St,… Bama did have at least a top 20 game in its first 2. Numbers are pretty but sometimes they can be misleading. I think this is one of those times. I think Bama will get some revenge Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. But,… it will be a classic. A hard fought win, halftime adjustments for the Tide will come into play the second half. Alabama 28 Ole Miss 17

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