Monday, September 21, 2015

The OB Awards,…. Best of the Best,…..

It is time for a much needed updated version of this prestigious award. Also,… I’ll point out that all of these businesses are local. Remember to shop local whenever you can. Local business owners spend the money you spend at their place of business, in the community. It is a win/win for not only the business but for you the customer too.

My favorite restaurant of all time,… The Barge Inn. Miss you guys. Justin, Jeff and all the crew made it one of the most memorable places of all time for us. The food and atmosphere simply can not be duplicated.

Best non-profit group,… It’s a tie. HASRA & The Kudzu Queens are by far the top in the area. HASRA for saving animal lives with their fostering program, relocating and adopting dogs. They depend fully on donations from the public. And it’s working.
The Kudzu Queens help fight cancer and recently have joined forces with St Jude. They spend many hours of volunteering to helping the fight against cancer become a winnable one. Their efforts are truly one of the best in the area. Great organization.

Best Local Charity,…. Shoals CASA.  CASA supports and promotes court appointed, trained and caring volunteers for abused and neglected children. While it is sad that there is a need for this organization, Shoals CASA provides a much needed program for abused/neglected children. Many times they are a God send.

Best Local BBQ,… Southern BBQ on Pine St. Absolutely the best flavor of any pork in the area. Dick Howell’s runs a close second just down the street. When looking for good bbq, always look for a chimney.

Best Local Pizza,… Has to be the Pie Factory. Always good and the atmosphere is very quaint. Food is excellent and consistent.  As is the service.

Best Local Mexican Restaurant,….  Last time I did this category, there wasn’t a best. There is now. El Pollito Loco, or The Crazy Little Chicken is absolutely fantastic. The Fiesta’s, Casa’s in the area have become nasty, smelly and quite frankly I wonder if the health department is doing their job. Rosie’s food is bland and more of a fashion statement as far as dining is concerned. I like Mexican food and El Pollito Loco has the best. Dine in, take out or sit on the deck.

Best Local Online News,….. Quad Cities Daily. They provide up to date news, local police reports, law advice and interesting articles from local events to new business openings. Good stuff and a good online site to advertise locally.

Best Bloggers In Town,… Anyone on my list to the right. They write their thoughts very well. These folks truly do a fine job.

Best Steak In Town,… Last time I did this category I had to choose my own. Which wasn’t fair. The best local steak has to go to Legend’s downtown. Consistency in food is very important to me. Their steaks are always cooked the way I like them. Salad bar has been fresh and well stocked too. A must try is you have never been there.

Best Local Computer Store,… Shoals Web. They provide many services from computer repair, support and even surveillance for your business.  Good folks, good service and honest and dependable.

Best Drug Store,…. Avalon Discount Drugs,… Very knowledgeable pharmacists  and employees. They accept all major medical insurance, have a variety of gift items, medical supplies and provide great customer care. They really get to know you, as a customer. That is important and beneficial to you when taking multiple types of medication. Knowing what does and doesn’t mix together is very important.  

Best Convenience Store,.... Lil Steve's stores. Locations in Sheffield, Muscle Shoals and Florence. American owned and competitive prices on tobacco, gasoline and beverages. Besides that, great people work there. Lil Steve has built up a series of stores to better serve you and make it convenient to buy and support American owned businesses. The money you spend here, stays here.

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