Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alabama-Mississippi State,…. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,….


The Good,…. A win against yet another quality opponent. It was also a win on the road amoungst those annoying cowbells.  Derrick Henry,.. possibly now in the lead for the Heisman more so than last week. After another LSU loss Fournette may become a strong second. But it wouldn’t upset me if he wins. He is a good kid.

The defense. I don’t think I have seen a better one,… ever. The punt return by Cyrus Jones. It helped give Bama momentum.


The Bad,…. The dropped passes. Basically, the offense other than Henry. The offensive line. They got beat up and pushed around most of the day. Penalties,… I think it was only four this week but we still sit atop the leader board tied with Florida for the most penalties on the season. Not something you want to lead in.


The Ugly,…. injuries. Fitzpatrick has a sprained knee, out for about a week. Rueben Foster out probably for a week with a wrist injury and Kenyan Drake injured his arm and probably out for just three weeks and might could possibly play in the SEC Championship game if Bama makes it there.


  1. In was not a win that people could make and exception to. In all, it was well-played. The goal line stand in the first quarter seemed to have galvanized the players.