Saturday, November 21, 2015

Painting 101a and Bama-Charleston Southern.

I saw something the other day and it kind of bothered me. A painter with a roller tray.

Yes one of these.


Any professional painter worth his weight in gold would almost never, never, ever use one of the mistake prone contraptions. Throw it away. Better yet it is most likely made of plastic or aluminum, recycle it.

A “real” painter will use a 5 gallon bucket and a grid or screen like this.


The difference in the two you ask? The tray you need to refill with paint a few times. You still need a bucket for your brush. Which makes the job last longer. With the bucket, pour all but about half a quart into the 5 gallon bucket and use the 1 gallon for your cut in bucket. You save time and are less likely to step in or turn over the bucket. The roller tray is just an accident waiting to happen. If a professional painter shows up at your door with the tray. Ask them to leave, they aren’t professionals. They are just wannabe painters.


Don’t know which paint to use? Do some test spots. You can rub down the wall or trim to be painted with rubbing alcohol. 99 times out of a hundred if it is latex the color will come off on the rag. Still not sure what the paint is? Apply a test spot of latex paint. Let it dry completely and if it bonds to the surface, it is latex. If not it is oil based. Most generally used latex paints will not stick to oil. Most of your kitchen cabinets and vanities are lacquer based. In order to use latex you would need to use an oil based primer first. But I always use oil based for cabinets because it is a harder finish and won’t wear away over time around your knobs and pulls.


The Bama game today should be one where the Tide can rest some of the players in the second half. Coach Saban has warned fans and the media along with the players I’m sure to not overlook this game. Remember what Georgia Southern did to the Tide defense by running for 300 yards on them. So he really emphasized what he always does,… focus, focus focus on the game at hand. I do think the Tide wins this one going away. Hopefully Derrick Henry can rest some as he will be needed next week against an improving auburn team. Bama wins today 45-10.

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