Thursday, December 3, 2015

The SEC Championship Game,….


SECCG Tale of the Tape

This should be one of those low scoring games since both defenses are very good. Both defensive lines are better than the other teams offensive line which at least in my mind, creates a defensive struggle. But,…. and there is always a but,… The Gators haven’t faced a running back like Derrick Henry and this will be the key barring injury. Coach Mac had done a fine job with what he was left with as the Gators first year coach. He could garner coach of the year awards for his effort. But winning the SEC title this year will be a stretch. The Gators are good, but they aren’t Bama good. However, if they are still hanging around in the 4th quarter anything can happen. Tide rolls in this one to the tune of 24-7. The lone TD could even be a defensive one. Roll Tide Roll!!

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