Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Great Story From Downtown Florence,....

I've had the pleasure of working in this office the last week and I must say, work has been fun. A great group of people.

I also want to share a story about what happened there on January the 14th.
A lady came into their office thinking it was a church. It used to be one several years ago. She was seeking help with her utility bill. Missy took cash out of petty cash and handed it to her. She was so grateful for the help that she hugged Missy and Kim. Her utilities were to be cut off that day.
This lady had walked over a couple of miles from her home seeking help from area churches and had gotten a couple of checks to help out too. Kim offered to drive her to the utility office and home. The lady was so weak from walking that she asked Kim to go in and pay it for her. Upon coming back to the car, the lady was in a cold sweat. The lady told Kim she hadn't eaten and was a diabetic and Kim ended up taking her to the ER. Kim stayed with her until the woman's sister arrived and she also contacted her son which lives an hour away. They have her name and address and plan on getting the lady some groceries. While they helped a woman in need, they also probably saved her life as she was close to having a heart attack along with diabetic shock.

The building may no longer be used for church but there are truly angels there.

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