Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shotglass Guns,... A Nice Little Gun Store,....

Located at 103 Taylor Rd just off Cloverdale Rd, right behind Bama Pools, sits a nice little gun store. Long guns, ammo, hand guns, holsters and accessories can all be found at Shotglass Guns. Dan Fox has created a nice, quaint store for all of your gun needs. And he is also a gunsmith. So if you have problems with a gun, he is the man to repair it. While he doesn't "hot" blue,... he can do a "cold" blue for you. He does however do a thing called Cerakote. It is a nice finish and a nice alternative to a blued gun. It is a "matte" finish which means it isn't a shiny finish. It isn't a true flat finish either. It almost looks powder coated for lack of a better term. It makes for a good looking gun as seen below.

And color isn't a problem,....

Be sure to add Dan to facebook HERE!! so you can keep up with specials on guns and ammo.

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