Friday, September 23, 2016

Kent St vs Alabama,...

Kent St visits this Saturday at Bryant-Denny and most Bama fans know that this is Coach Saban'a alma mater. This game "hopefully" comes at a good time since a few players were banged up last week. So they could use a rest and get healed up and back to 100% for the long road through the SEC.

Games like this are played for a few reasons. One, Kent St will get a nice check, hopefully a beating and then go home. At least for Alabama, that is the plan. Two, games like this allow you to play your younger players in a game type situation which gives them game time experience and creates more depth at those positions. Which can pay huge dividends later in the season. What it doesn't do is add to the strength of schedule. Of course if the unthinkable were to happen,... your season is over. And it does happen on occasion. So you have to play your game, control all areas of the game just like you would any other game and do not look ahead to the next game.

If Alabama struggles,... and that is possible, the starters will of course play longer. But I do see the bench getting emptied out in this one.

Alabama 42 Kent St 3,.... Roll Tide!!

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