Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vote Steve Holt For Mayor,.....

When the mayoral race in Florence first started, I had talked to Susan Goode and heard her thoughts, ideas and wishes for the city of Florence. Talking to her, you could hear the enthusiasm in her voice and the knowledge she has about what she feels strongly about and what would be good for the city. It did not take me long to be in her corner. Sadly, Florence will miss out on her leadership for now.
With that said,… Florence still needs new leadership in the mayors office. Mr. Holt made the runoff and I think is the best choice for mayor of Florence.
Below is a post I took off of Mr. Holt's page in which he urged people to share,…. So I’m sharing. Good luck to you on October 4th. Be sure and go vote in the runoff election.
The ANIMAL SHELTER project has been a total disaster. An original “top priority” for the $19 million bond issue, the project has been delayed and deprioritized. Over $100,000 may have already been wasted. This is absolutely unacceptable, and as Mayor, I intend to fix this problem.
After dilly-dallying around for several years, Florence finally purchased a property on which to build. While that seems like progress, they spent as much as $100,000 on plans and drawings for the building before the site was purchased. Now that a site has been secured, we've learned that the pre-designed building may not even fit the property the city bought!
There is also concern that the drawings were completed without input and insight from valuable experts and professionals. With such a specific shelter, were the proper Humane Society and architectural experts consulted? Is the current site large enough to accommodate long-range use, including large animals such as horses and cows?
Already, discussions are taking place about cutting back or scaling down the Animal Shelter facility - while it’s a project that should have already been completed! We’re told to be patient and eventually a smaller-than-promised shelter will be built. Meanwhile, over 400 animals were taken in by the city of Florence last month.
As Mayor, I promise you the excuses and delays will end. We will take each step in the RIGHT order so we don’t waste money, experts’ opinions will be sought, and construction will start in the short-term.
A vote for Steve Holt is a vote to quit accepting project management mediocrity!

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