Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alabama vs Texas A&M,... Battle of The Unbeatens,...

Focus. This is what the Tide has to do this week. Focus on the little things. Penalties and miscues have to be at an all time low this week because A&M will make you pay. Do what you practice and play the next play for the whole game,... the whole 60 minutes. The Tide cannot get lax in any aspect of the game this week. Stay focused,... eliminate the mental errors and control your man will be the keys to a Bama victory this week.

While A&M does like to run the ball,... the will probably have limited success and will have to rely on the passing game to open up the runs. A&M likes big tall receivers and that could provide problems for the defensive backs of Bama. The Tide secondary will have to play its best game if Bama is to come through October unscathed. This has been a tough stretch for Alabama and having A&M come off a bye week and being well rested is an advantage for the Aggies.

I do think Bama controls both lines of scrimmage and will have a good day running the ball. Controlling the line of scrimmage and controlling the time of possession along with being focused will bring Bama a win. Bama takes this one to stay undefeated for the year,.... 38-17,.. Roll Tide!!.  

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