Friday, October 7, 2016

Bama versus Arky,.... Roll Tide!!

These next three weeks will tell Bama fans what kind of team we have. It begins in Fayetteville with the Hogs of Arkansas and has Bama's biggest rival, Tennessee waiting.

But first things first,... unlike myself and many fans, Bama cannot look ahead to the next game. They simply have to focus on the game at hand and prepare and execute for that game. This is where coaching comes into play and that's one thing that has kept Alabama near the top year after year,... coaching.

Bama will be playing a very good Arkansas team that has a very good offensive line and a couple of good running backs. Arky plays a physical brand of blue collar football. They are well coached and they will have the home field advantage. The Hogs always play Bama tough no matter what the score and this week will be no different. The youth for Bama hasn't seen this type of physicality from an opponent yet. They will this Saturday.

If Alabama is caught looking ahead to the Vols,... Arky is good enough to beat them. If Alabama has miscues, penalties and fails to execute well,... Arky is good enough to beat them. I just don't see that happening. Call me a Bama Homer,.. but the Tide will roll,... 31-14.  

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