Wednesday, March 22, 2017

University Dealerships,... Part Two,...

Well part one of this blog drew a little bit of attention. You can view it by clicking here.

Sheldon Hayes, the general manager from the Chevy dealership chose to comment and I certainly appreciate him for doing that,... and trying to do a little damage control (for lack of a better term). I'll let you decide if indeed he accomplished that by viewing his comment,...

SheldonHayesMarch 16, 2017 at 5:00 PM
My name is Sheldon Hayes, I am the General Sales Manager at University Chevrolet. I can tell you this from personal experience, the University company is a great one. One thing a lot of people forget to mention is that all Mr. David Brady has done has bought out a bunch of failing local business and restimulated (sorry, restimulated doesn’t show as a word you might just try stimulated next time,… OB) the market. He has put tons of money back into the local community between advertising and sponsorships. I was at the same location for the last 3 years Jim Bishop Chevrolet was open and have been here from day 1 with University. The company does get some negative publicity, but it comes from trying to help every single person that comes in regardless or race, age, religion or any other bias. Sometimes we can't help and instead of just shunning those people we try to explain why. For anyone who has a question about the group I would personally answer any questions you might have. David Brady is a good Christian man that just so happens to own a successful business in the community. I am born and raised right here in the Shoals area, I grew up learning how to treat people right and I know this is a tight nit community so I would never put my name out there or work for a company that was bad. So I encourage anyone to contact me with any questions or anything at all. This company has provided a better life for me and my family and never once put any pressure on me to do anything unethical or illegal.

He states that the company does get some negative publicity and that it comes from trying to help every single person? I'm guessing they can't sell to everyone because of credit issues and those people don't understand that and get upset,... okay I'll give him that but the facebook post I saw and referred to in the initial blog post had nothing to do with that. It had to do with sales tactics. Here is a comment left by a potential customer in his comment back to Mr. Hayes,..

unclegusMarch 17, 2017 at 1:03 PM
Mr. Hayes, thanks for you reply. Please note that the high pressure sales tact that was tried on me will never work and until I hear of something changing I will never consider trading with your company. I am sure Mr. Brady is a good person as well as yourself but only the fact that he has bought out most of the local dealerships alone is an indicator of greed to me. I have no problem with a man desiring to make all the money he can but my personal experience has given me a bad taste. While that is not impossible to overcome it does put up a hurdle. I am a businessman myself and regularly am buying work vehicles and would like to know I can buy from a good reputable company, not just one with high numbers.
I want to see that you are good people and not you tell me you are. Results speak volumes.

And then we have the issue of one of their employees contacting a place of business that I have listed below on a business card. Tammy Sharp, an employee of University did just that. She called and asked how his card ended up on my blog. She also contacted a cousin of hers to tell them to get me to call her. She supplied a phone number for me to call. I do not do that. Here is my facebook message to her, which she hasn't read yet,..
Hi Tammy, I do the blog and if you want to leave a comment on there, you are certainly welcome to. Mr. Hayes left one and I appreciate him doing so. Joni said you wanted me to call,... I don't usually make it a point to do things like that. But again, you are more than welcome to leave a comment on the blog. Or, if you can't figure out how to do that, comment here and I'll post it for you. I'll include your name and job title if you would like. Thanks and have a great day!!

I'm going to just say this once,... Do not contact any of the businesses listed on cards below concerning this blog. You want to talk to me,... email is on the right. By Ms Sharp doing what she did it makes me wonder even more about their sales tactics.

Just a reminder,... if you want to leave a message,... you are most welcome to do so. If  you cannot figure out the hows and whys,... my email address is on the right. Send it to me with your name, nick name, screen name or no name and I'll be glad to copy/paste it for you.


  1. keep up the great blogging that you do OB

    1. Thank you,... glad someone reads it!!

  2. I am posting this comment from Shelia on facebook,... Thank you for letting me share this!!

    Sheila Hill Colston For whatever reason, I am unable to comment on the actual blog. I feel I am technologically challenged, but not stupid enough to fall for the employee who posted how Christian this dealership is, and how they saved a bunch of failing businesses..... pure dee Bullcrap. His comment also sounded forced, as if he might have been told to comment. I found it insincere, bless his heart. Unclegus was right on the mark about the high pressure. I will go ahead and say that after the university fiasco, we made a purchase in another town not far from the Shoals, and are about to make a second one there. I also managed to talk to some ex employees of University. A direct quote from one of them..,"I couldn't sleep at night or live with myself because of the tactics and lies we were ordered to use, so I went to work for a more honest dealership." On that note, and from my,own experience, I predict University will kill its own self with its questionable tactics that are swiftly becoming questionable on a personal basis when employees start making phone calls and sending messages through other people. I know can feel the palpable tension when you walk into a University dealership. We couldn't even walk around the parking lot, and two employees actually tried to block our truck from leaving.