Monday, May 15, 2017

SEC Football Coaches On The Hotseat,… 2017

Oh my you say,… Did you just put Nick Saban on the hotseat list? Naw, not really. But I can guarantee you if Bama has back to back mediocre seasons,.. Then yes, he would be on the hotseat list. Bama fans are not much different than any other school. Well maybe,... they are a bit more spoiled to winning, but if losing they are a fickle bunch. Run Da Bawl mean anything? Hey I speak from experience. I’m one of those fickle fans. Two mediocre seasons and Bama fans will be saying Saban needs to retire to the lake. Right now of course Coach isn’t on this list. Bama fans have been blessed beyond measure having two of the greatest coaches to ever walk the sidelines in Coach Bryant and Coach Saban. Relish these times Bama fans. It may not ever happen again,…..

 Gus Malzahn,… Auburn.  About the only way the GusBus can continue on the Plains is win. They have to win a lot and they have to beat Bama. That starts with finding a quarterback and it seems they may have found one this year. But depth at that position may not be a luxury,… again.  This could be his last year there if the program doesn't improve from last years performance. The natives are restless.

 Hugh Freeze,… Ole Miss.  The guy is probably a good coach and probably a good man. I think he has demonstrated those characteristics. But with sanctions hanging over their heads Rebels fans will find out just what kind of a football coach he is. Recruiting will fall which means the talent level with drop also. Some of their star players could even transfer as the NCAA looks like it could bring down the hammer. Time will tell.

Kevin Sumlin,… Texas A&M.  Although the Aggies continue to win 8 games a season without Johnny Football. Will that be enough to satisfy the Aggie faithful. They got a real taste of winning but have been on a diet the past couple of seasons. Feast or famine? They aren't exactly starving to death but they could put on a couple of pounds. A losing season could decide if they get a new master chef.

Butch Jones,… Tennessee.  I really liked this guy coming in. He seemed hard nose and that’s exactly what the Vols needed. After having been picked to win the SEC East,… they fell flatter than a flitter not even challenging for the top spot. But,… that isn't even the worst part. They were dubbed Champions of Life. I kid you not. They also received a ring to go with that title. That is the equivalent of a participation trophy in little league. My respect for the guy plummeted. I can only wonder how long the Vol faithful can take this kind of abuse.

The rest of the SEC head jobs should be fairly secure this season. The only coaching change I see might be Dan Mullen at Mississippi State. This would only happen if he is offered a job somewhere that he absolutely couldn't refuse.

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