Friday, July 28, 2017

Garbage In Downtown Florence,....

I hope that the city clears this matter up and quickly. The above photo shows a couch, a mattress and general junk outside of a dumpster in downtown Florence. Folks, this is what visitors to the city see during one of the busiest weeks in the city, HandyFest. This surely does not cast a good image of Florence. This has to be addressed and corrected. Here is one of the business owners, Clint Wilkes, rant this morning about the above photo.

"It's a rainy, dreary day. Might as well go full blown rant. What you are seeing here is garbage around the dumpster that serves the block. This is not a new problem. Normally, after a bit of grumbling I load everything up and carry it off. I have done that for years. But it has gotten out of hand. I understand the people living in the downtown apartments expect to have "curbside pickup" like the residential neighborhoods do, but the fact is.......I am the curbside pickup. I put a sign up asking people not to do this. That was torn down pretty quick. I talked to city employees about getting something done, but was told there wasn't anything that could be done. That was confusing to me, seeing as how I missed cutting grass at one my rental houses one week (one week) and I received a call demanding that I get the grass cut. Go figure. They had received a "complaint"......... I digress. This mess has been there for over a month now. This was my line in the dirt. I have refused to touch this mess. But, it is embarrassing. Especially during Handy Week...... So facebook friends you were effective in helping me out with my recycling, what would you do? Let it keep piling up or say the heck with it and load it up and haul it off?"

"I am paying for the dumpster. I am not paying for them to come by and pick mess like this up. My understanding is they have a truck that does come out, but it only has one man on it. Confusing to me, seeing as how I am "one man", but hey, that's the way it is..........Wanta guess how many times a week I see that truck go through the alley????"


Tax dollars at work for sure,... The city can do better,... as a matter of fact I have a simple solution. Remember my blog about some of the most useless things in Florence?
I mentioned the street sweeper truck as being one of those. Well,... take that driver and put him on the truck that empties the dumpsters and when they have the type of situations like the photo above,... get out and put it in the dumpster and empty it a second time if they have to. Those type of situations can and will become breeding grounds for mice and rats. It has to be cleaned up. Good luck Clint,... 

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