Saturday, July 22, 2017

Some Of The Most Useless Things In Florence Alabama,....

Ahhhh,.... The heat may be getting to me or maybe it is just old age. Either way,... there are things that annoy the peedookie out of me.

One of the first things that comes to my mind is of course the local paper,... The Times-Daily. They report the news basically when it is convenient for them. If something happens late Friday or on the weekend,.. you almost never read about it on the online version. I don't buy the print version because they charge to place an obit. I still feel that should be a community service and not something to make money on from families who just lost a loved one. That opinion will never change, Their writing is atrocious.  Everything from misspelled words to misused words. Evidently they don't employ an editor. You will find those same mistakes in my blog also. English was probably my worst subject. The big difference is they get paid to make those mistakes and I don't. I've never even claimed to be a writer,... They do. One in particular is even listed as a senior writer. Not sure if senior refers to his age or his status on the paper.

Another useless thing at least in my eyes is the street sweeper operated by the city. What does it do? The only thing I see that it actually does is well,... nothing. It makes noise early in the morning,... okay, I'll give you that. But the curbs aren't cleaner after they pass by. The asphalt is a little cleaner when it has to go around a vehicle parked on the street but that accomplishes nothing. So basically, the city of Florence has this big big truck that consumes a lot of fuel to do absolutely nothing. Well except make some noise. My suggestion is sell the truck and either eliminate the drivers job (saving money) or place that driver in another area on the city street dept where he could be beneficial and earn his pay. I'm not blaming the driver,... It is the cities fault for having and operating something so useless.

Traffic lights,... we have several of them around town but one of the most useless to me is the one on Florence Blvd at the Harbor Freight entrance. It is just a block away from the Patton St. light and sometimes it even stops traffic when no one is there trying to enter Florence Blvd. Why is it even there? For the people in Hickory Hills? There are other ways to enter Florence Blvd. As for those leaving the shopping center trying to enter,... go to Patton St. if you want to make a left turn. This traffic light is just not needed and a waste of electricity and maintenance costs. As a side note,... notice I didn't call it a red light and so you can't accuse me of being a Negative Nellie.


  1. Thank you sir,... there are many others to add to that list,...