Sunday, August 13, 2017

Florence Is Nasty!! Just Nasty!!

Trash in the parking lot with a garbage can in plain view,... laziness at it's finest. Probably done by one of those fine upstanding citizens that park in the fire lanes at Seven Points Shopping Center.
Below are some photos within a 5 block area. Are people really this lazy to not keep a shopping bag in their vehicle for trash? Are they really this lazy to take it with them and dispose of it properly when they get home or wherever they are going? Come on people. We are better than this!! Aren't we? Or do we just not care about or streets and towns and how they look to anyone who might be visiting? I think it goes beyond being lazy. I think it is people not giving a rats behind about much of anything. Take your trash with you. Put it in a can. This just grates on my last nerve. Want to know the sad thing? The people that need to see this probably won't.


  1. I work in 7 points and I've never seen more "firemen" in my entire life! I swear every day there are at least 50 cars park in the fire lane because they're too lazy to walk 15 feet from the parking lot. You hit the nail on the head with this one! And all the "parking enforcement" does is get out and try to find the people and threaten them with a ticket... He's come in our shop probably 30 times looking for people and I've yet to see him write anyone a ticket in 3 years that I've worked there.

  2. I've griped and complained about that for a long time. Since he isn't writing tickets it all makes sense now as to why they continue to do it. Thanks for your comment!!

  3. I hate litter and will/have reported before and provided tag numbers if catching someone do it.
    There is absolutely no excuse to throw your trash on the ground, everybody that has electric service in Lauderdale county pays for them to come pick it up at their house and haul it off to the dump.
    We need to have a local movement to put an end to this disgusting practice.