Thursday, August 3, 2017

HOW A $2 MILLION DOLLAR PROJECT MORPHS INTO A $13 MILLION PROJECT (another reason people don’t trust the government),…..

Below are the thoughts of the person that I felt was the best choice to lead Florence AL as its mayor. I still feel that way and I still think the citizens of Florence are the biggest losers because she isn't leading. For some reason things just cannot seem to get done in our city. Have you been to the new animal shelter yet?
I personally hope that Susan Goode runs again,...

"My focus has been, and continues to be, the development of a hard court tennis facility that is large enough to host tournaments for junior, collegiate, and adults to create a significant economic impact for the City of Florence. The tennis court construction cost of 31 hard courts is around $2 million. $1 million is the cost of infrastructure to the park, which is necessary if we ever want to utilize this park for anything. Add a common use clubhouse, and upgrades to the Veterans Memorial and the Veterans Park entrance at a cost of $3.46 million. At this point we are at $6.46 million for the plan that the ad-hoc committee presented to the Council. Now come the extras: Todd Nix says this development cannot proceed without adding another $3.5 million to the existing $20 million Sportsplex to replace three dirt practice fields at Veterans Park with four tournament quality fields at the Sportsplex. David Bradley and Blake Edwards stated they could not vote for the project without including a total re-development of Veterans Park now, so lets add another $3-$4 million to the total bill...... and what we have is a capital project that is completely out of control at $13 million.
This is what happens when you lose sight of your original objective. The plan was to spend $4-5 million at Veterans Park for a project that would enhance the park, create a significant economic impact for Florence, and do so with a facility that has maintenance costs which are a fraction of what is being spent on Blackberry and the Sportsplex. If we will stay focused on a tennis project, we have $2 million in the bank from RSA and indications from UNA and Florence City Schools that total another $1.3 million toward the cost and maintenance. This size budget, along with the financial support from our partners, would be methodical, responsible, and justifiable.
What I cannot understand is why Bradley and Edwards would request for full development now, get what they asked for (which added $3 million to $4 million to the cost), then chose to not approve the plan or funding mechanism.
Lets stay focused and go back to the original plan!"
Susan Goode

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