Sunday, August 20, 2017

Keeping Up Appearances,.....

Is Florence keeping up appearances? Not exactly. After the trashy blog I posted,.. yes pun intended. What? You have to ask?
But after doing that blog it kind of opened my own eyes to how I view the city. I have noticed more trash on the sides of the roads and parking lots. I also got to noticing houses and yards. Remember what the city did to Elizabeth Romine a few years ago? She went to jail for her yard and she lived there. I know, I know, part of that was a personal vendetta but still, Florence used laws on the books to prosecute her. So,... what happened to those laws? Why aren't they being enforced? People, these kind of conditions breed trouble. Rats and mice along with meth addicts and dealers frequent these run down houses. Florence needs to address these issues and start finding the owners of these properties. There were 3-4 houses on Royal Av I didn't get a chance to get a picture because I was driving but this is on the way to Braly Stadium. Not a very good thing for visitors from other high schools and universities to see when they come to play here.
There were also several places with knee high grass that were occupied dwellings. Same thing applies to those places,... rats and mice. Plus unwanted insects like the Alabama Skeeter.

Here are a few of the other houses that need attention. Sheffield is taking care of their blighted problem, slowly but surely. Florence is lagging behind.

 No that isn't a building permit,....

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