Monday, August 14, 2017

Official Statement from UNA Regarding “Jane Doe” Lawsuit,....

The University of North Alabama is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. The University has a professional and well-trained staff that addresses claims of sexual misconduct with the utmost seriousness.  Students impacted by sexual misconduct are provided strong resources and excellent support.
A lawsuit was filed last week against the University. The lawsuit alleges sexual assault of a student by a former faculty member and claims that the University did not respond appropriately. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
Upon notice of the alleged misconduct, the University reached out to the student and conducted an investigation. The University concluded that, in the fall of 2015 the faculty member had violated University policy regarding faculty/student relationships. As a result, the faculty member was removed from the classroom and ordered to stay away from campus and to avoid contact with students.  The faculty member is no longer employed by the University. 
The University responded quickly and professionally throughout this process, complying with all applicable policies and laws.  The matter was investigated thoroughly and the University acted decisively to protect our students while also protecting the student’s right to privacy.
The University offers a fair, informed and compliant process that supports any student who experiences sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or any other form of sex or gender discrimination. 
The University is proud of its record in promoting campus safety and will defend its good name vigorously in this litigation.  Officials will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the integrity of the excellent programs that foster the security and well-being of all University of North Alabama students. 
For more information about how the University is committed to student safety, please refer to:
Sexual Assault Resources
Reporting Options
UNA’s Policy and Procedures: Equal Opportunity, Harassment and Nondiscrimination
Bystander Intervention and Prevention Education
Understanding Title IX
Immediately After an Assault; What Should I do Now?
A Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault
Supporting a Survivor
Crisis / Emergency Information Helplines
UNA Police Homepage and Contact Information


You know? You just don’t go around pointing fingers. Because for that one you have pointing out, you have three more pointing back at you. Several people have made statements on social media that the university failed in hiring practices. Maybe so. It’s all hear say at this point. But that doesn't warrant attacks on the administration as a whole. If indeed the rape happened, the person that hired the professor failed. And as of right now, the public is forming opinions of something the victim said.  Don’t forget, the lawsuit isn't about the alleged rape, it is about the cover up. The lawsuit also states that the university didn't report the rape,… well if it had been me that was raped, I would have notified campus police or the police where it supposedly happened. Why didn't Jane Doe do that? Reporting the rape should be up to the victim.

How about we let it go through the legal process and quit being judge, jury and hangman.

Title IX is taken seriously at the university As is this matter. People need to quit placing blame when they do not know what they are talking about. As for me,… I support the university, the administration, board, trustees and everyone associated with UNA. It’s the wannabe writers, bloggers and busybodies I have a problem with. Let the truth come out, whatever it may be before throwing those stones.

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