Saturday, August 26, 2017

Peck Ace Hardware,... 90 Years Young,...

In my opinion, Peck Ace Hardware is the prime example of a mom and pop operation. Literally. It has been passed down from three generations and maybe four. I've had the pleasure of knowing three generations that have all been and being prime examples of how to do business and how to treat customers. It has long been their belief that if you offer a product at a fair price with a knowledgeable staff,... people will come back to shop with you. Service after the sale too on anything sold in the store is also a staple. And guess what? People do go back.
Just this morning,... I needed one anchor for mortar. I bought one with one screw to fit it. I didn't have to buy a whole pack to take up space in my junk drawer later. (My junk drawer doesn't need anything else :)).
90 years young,... I was there when the store turned 50 and have seen it grow into what it is today. The leadership and foresight that Roger and Morine provided when I was there is nothing but amazing. Competing with the big box stores wasn't always easy but yet they found a way to do it. And do it well. Bill, son of Roger has taken the store to new heights. Vision for the future has guided this store well and it isn't going to stop anytime soon. I just hope I'm still here when it reaches 100.

 They have "stuff"
 Nails and screws by weight or they'll sell you a handful. 

 From Snapper to Stihl to Honda,... they have to cover on power tools and equipment.

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