Saturday, September 9, 2017

BHS-CHS Class of '77 Reunion,....

40 years,.... Where did the time go? Seriously. You know they say time flies when you're having fun. I must be having a blast because it truly does seem like yesterday. But looking in the mirror quickly brings my mind to where we are today.

Bradshaw and Coffee High Schools are banding together to celebrate our 40th class reunion. The way our school system was set up all those years ago, after junior high school students had to make a choice as to what high school to attend. In some cases friends were separated and became friendly rivals. It is a shame high schoolers today in Florence won't get to enjoy that part of high school. Florence's school system allowed outside people with no sense of tradition in our city to,... okay enough of that. Lets talk reunion.

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully find someone who hasn't been on facebook or has a facebook account. I hope this can reach someone from either school to inform them of the reunion. Here is the facebook page dedicated to our reunion,... BHS CHS Class of '77 Reunion

Hats off to Rhonda (Covington) Brennan for doing a fantastic job of coordinating things.  Here is a brief itinerary of things that will be coming up.

Also kudos to the person/persons that are sponsoring the events on Friday and Saturday. Costs have been kept basically free for those wanting to attend. Names haven't been let out yet but if I had to guess who to thank,... well,... I won't make a guess :)

I hope this does reach someone unaware of this three day event. And again, thank you to all that have been involved in this endeavor. Oh,... and Go Jackets!!

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