Saturday, August 11, 2018

One More Post on Voting For Progress,... Muscle Shoals Style,...

Before I get to that post,.... I just want to say that a bit dog barks. When I included the statement "I have seen on social media some of the opposition in their rants promoting a no vote and that they are practically on the verge of bullying and being rude",... Well one of them I referred to came to my personal page. Thats not cool. Make your comments here, on the blog. She saved me the trouble of unfriending her. You have to love it when people cannot make an educated argument and resort to bullying and making things personal. With that said,....

This is from a man that I have a lot of respect for. If I could pay him a compliment with one word, it would be the word Christian. He leads by example, compassion and humility. We all should strive to walk this walk. Myself included. With permission, here is a post by Chad Holden, principal of Muscle Shoals High School.

"I’d like to take a moment to address another question that has been raised regarding the August 28 vote.
Question: Can a local board of education use its money and resources to advocate for passage of a proposition?
Answer: Yes. As recently as 2015, when State Auditor Zeigler challenged Baldwin County Schools AND LOST, that answer has passed a legal test. Opinions written by two Alabama Attorneys General were used to affirm Baldwin School’s legal ability to advocate for an increase in millage to benefit the schools (see attached conclusion from former Attorney General Bill Pryor, who is now a sitting federal judge).
The Alabama Association of School Boards also says YES "as long as the board of education determines that spending those funds serves a public purpose that will benefit the local school system. Examples of permissible actions include advertising, hiring a lobbyist, and using public property for emails, phone calls, and regular mail.”
The school board has voted (see attached resolution) that the August 28 referendum DOES involve an issue that serves a public purpose that will benefit the school system, and therefore, can use funds and resources to support its passage. Side note: If you will notice on the pro-literature and pro-signs that are out there, funds expended were donated for these purposes (not public school funds).
The current school board policy against campaigning relates to partisan politics, political candidates, and non-school related issues. The August 28 referendum is a proposition that THE SCHOOL DISTRICT initiated, so it only makes sense that THE SCHOOL DISTRICT can legally promote its passage.
The local “anonymous” blogger who wrote a scathing article criticizing the school system (her last of many anti-Muscle Shoals writings) KNOWS all of what I just stated but she doesn’t want YOU to know it. It serves her purpose better when you have a distrust (and dislike) for MSCS leadership and our city council, both of whom she has been a usual critic of for a long time."

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Voting For Progress,… Muscle Shoals Style,…


Well,… I don’t have a dog in this race so to speak but I do hope the good voters in the city of Muscle Shoals will really consider voting yes. A yes vote is a vote for continuing to be one of the states leading school systems. A yes vote is for prosperity within the system so they they may continue to provide children with all of the things needed for a quality education.

I have seen on social media some of the opposition in their rants promoting a no vote and they are practically on the verge of bullying and being rude.

If I lived over there across the pond,… I would have to vote yes. To all the voters,… do your research. Ask questions and be informed. Don’t just take the recommendations of anyone,…. Then vote.

Be sure to click on the images below to enlarge them,... Thanks.


Monday, August 6, 2018

Kudzu Queen Yard Sale for St Jude Children's Hospital,....

Saturday on August 11 the Queens are hosting their Gigantic Yard Sale from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Crosspoint Church of Christ Gym. All proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
Also, if you have anything to donate, the Queens will be at the Crosspoint Gym on Thursday and Friday this coming week from 1-6. Please donate !!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Past Time To Update Braly Stadium,...

Well,... I have put off and put off doing a blog on the old girl but it is past time to update the pressbox area facing the field. Yes it is Braly Stadium and that should never change. Maybe rename the field of play to Coffee Field. That would be a good start. You know how they do these things,... Coffee Field at Braly Stadium. But the front needs a massive change. With the Lions going to D1 play this year I would have thought the D2 reference would be gone. Heck,... We haven't hosted the D2 Championship in 5 years,... yet the lettering on the front still proudly states that the game was held here.

It's time to redo the whole front and clean the place up. Actually it is past time. Personally I think it would be great to see a new stadium for UNA out on Cox Creek. It would still be close to the school and parking could be improved greatly. No more hills to navigate. Handicapped parking would be improved also. Then the high school and UNA wouldn't have to share not only the field but the locker room as well. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Some People Have More Money Than Common Sense,...

 Ya know? I was born at night,... but it wasn't last night. If I were to think about putting a boutique type hotel in a downtown area,... I really don't think it would be next to a music venue,... Why not you ask? Well,... lets see,... the thump, thump, thump of the bass,... the sounds coming through the walls,... you know,... kind of like when you live in an apartment and your neighbors play loud music. Something just tells me,... that I wouldn't look at a building next to a place like FloBama because I wouldn't want my patrons to be upset by the noise. Does that make sense?

I'm all about the mom and pop shops/stores/businesses,.... but this is one I can't support. FloBama has been there since 2010 and if the owners of Stricklin didn't know about noise,.... it's on them. They either did not do their due diligence on the property or they did and thought they could bully the owner at FloBama,... either way,... it shows a lack of good old common sense. They would be better off spending that lawyer money on some wall insulation.

Oh,... there is a petition to sign in support of FloBama,... Go sign it HERE,... I don't think these petitions really do any good but they're fun to keep up with.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Kudos To The Senior Class at MSHS,…


In this day and time when grown ups,… people of my generation and older,… and younger too,… are critical of the young men and women in school,… particularly high school age,… Sometimes something happens to put your faith back into our youth.  What I saw this morning was something that made me wish we had done something like that some 40 years ago. Kudos to the Senior class at Muscle Shoals for spending their last day of summer vacation early this morning in prayer. Yes, you saw that right,… prayer. These young men and women get it. They are leading the way for future classes and are setting an example for other schools as well as us as adults. Sometimes you lead better by doing than by words,… these kids are leading by example.

“Spent a little time watching the sun come up, praying, and fellowshipping with nearly 100 students from the MSHS senior class this morning. Talk about commitment! This group was here at 5:15 am spending the last day of summer break together watching the sunrise. Thanks to Casey Jones with First Priority and Matt with FCA for providing donuts and water for these young people. This year, it’s all about #TakingChances! Let’s roll!” Chad Holden, principal at Muscle Shoals.

Some local bloggers seem to always choose to talk about the negative. I myself do that on occasion but this just needs as much exposure as can be had,…. Sometimes you just have to look at the positive. Thank you Seniors for inspiring me today.





Thursday, July 19, 2018

My Top 3 Police Lip Sync Battle Winners,...

Facebook has been lit up with different police departments doing their own videos in the lip sync challenge. All have been fun to watch but to me,... three stand alone. My top 3 are as follows,.... beginning with number 3,.....

North Charleston, South Carolina,....

Coming in at number 2,... Norfolk VA Police Dept,....

My number one pick,... Corinth MS Police Dept,...