Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cable, Water and Electricity, Oh My!!

For the second time this spring, I awoke to no electricity or cable due to a storm. For the first time in my life, I awoke to no water because of a storm. No coffee in the morning makes for a long day. Knowing this I set out at 6 am in search of my morning vice. It took a bit to find a place open since the power outage was a little more wide spread in my area this time. But I did find some at Krystals.
No water presented a problem of a different kind. I found out I could not brush my teeth, take a shower or even flush the commode. Ah, but wait. It was raining, well pouring down at the time. So I use a galvanized, number 10 bucket to catch water to pour into the tank to flush with. Brilliant right? Well it could have turned into disaster because of the lightning. I'm out in a thunder storm, holding a metal bucket, catching water. Not too bright there OB.
I almost complained about the power, cable and water being off. But then I thought about Phil Campbell, Hackleburg and Tuscaloosa and the rest of the state and Southeast not having a roof over there head. Losing family and friends. I couldn't complain.

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