Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inside Sweetwater,.....

First I want to thank Heather Green for permission to use her work. Heather's photos are copyrighted and I had to gain her approval. She has taken some amazing pictures of the Sweetwater Mansion or the Weeden Home as others know it. Her pictures show just how much work is needed and they show the damage to the walls, ceilings and exterior of a house that once stood proud. The old saying "pictures speak a thousand words" are so true in these photos.
You can see the mildew and stains of age on the inside pictures. This is an undertaking for the professional, not volunteers. For quality work to be performed as well as safety issues concerning mold and lead paint.
As you can see from the photos, they are recent. April the 23rd I believe. Thank you again Heather. The photos are simply amazing. They do tell a story.

Update, Sept 8, 2011. After allowing me to post her work, her pictures, Heather Green was removed from the Sweetwater Mansion facebook page. Sad people run that place. Too bad you didn't get a picture of the werewolf. And thank you again for allowing me to post.


  1. That door...the last step looks like a doozy. Obviously, they have to cordon off areas inside visitors like the proverbial hawk in order to keep them out of unsafe areas.

    Susan Leigh Smithson either has the money to do it right or she doesn't. Which is it? Wonder how much of that furniture came from Red Baron Antiques?

  2. Wow...I could almost smell the "old house" smell. I've never been in there, and until recent years, had not ever heard about it... It would be nice for the area, I think, if it were restored.