Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tornado Relief Concert at The End (theater) on Pine St. Friday Night!!

This is kind of a rush deal, but items are needed. And it coincides with First Fridays. For 5 bucks and a donation, you have access to several bands. The time is 8pm until 2am. Bring your items to be donated to "The End",  106 S. Pine St. The music includes these bands and artists, which is subject to change,.....

Steven Nichols
Religious Husband
The Conclaves
Nightmare Boyzzz
Ursa Locomodus
Satan's Youth Ministers

Bring those items to donate and your 5 bucks and help out some tornado victims and this cause. I'm sure canned goods, can openers, charcoal, lighter fluid,  female toiletries or most anything you think people could use, without power.... batteries, blankets. Just do it!!

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