Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bama,... Best In The West?

In the world of SEC football anything is possible. Sure, the Tide could win the West Division. But as we saw last year, so can anyone. Thats why early season predictions mean absolutely nothing. And thats why they play the games. In the SEC, any team can beat any team on a given Saturday. You cannot overlook your opponent.

And yes, I'm a Bama homer. I know that and make no apologies for it. I hate auburn and tennessee. This isn't a real physical hate when I use the word,... it just means I like to see them lose. I would never wish ill will on either of them.

Early national polls I've seen have Bama as high as 2. Oklahoma is supposed to be strong this year and a Bama-Sooner title game is certainly possible. But the Crimson Tide has to get through the SEC first.
On defense the Tide looks strong again as they return a lot of experience in the secondary and at the linebacker position. Dont'a Hightower should shine at the linebacker spot and be one of the team leaders. Mark Barron in the secondary is another one of the defensive leaders and hopefully his torn pec muscle will be healed 100% by fall.
Offensively is where I have my doubts.At the quarterback spot we have two unknowns as far as game experience. AJ McCarron and Phillip Sims will lead the Tide but neither have impressed me much. Look for the INT's to come more frequent this year. Both will have to become instant leaders on and off the field.
You simply cannot replace a player like Julio Jones. But the Tide should be ok at the receiver position.
The loss of Mark Ingram will also play into Bamas offensive play book. Mark's vision to make a cut or ability to catch a swing pass out of the backfield will be missed. Trent Richardson is a beast and a brutal runner but he will need a good back up to rest his legs. Eddie Lacy or Dee Hart or both, could be that guy.
If any coaching staff can coach the players up, it is the Tides staff. They work well together and prepare a good game plan, week in and week out. And you can tell by how the players talk to the media that they respect their coaches. It wasn't that way not so long ago. Roll Tide Roll!!

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