Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boycott GM and Free WIC for Illegals,....

According to this article,... Thanks for the bailout suckers General Motors will invest $540 in Mexico to build two engines. 1000 jobs will be created either directly or indirectly. GM has 4 plants in Mexico and has invested 5 billion dollars in those plants. So with GM's bailout of a couple of years ago, they slap not only the US government in the face because we bailed them out, but they slap the American worker too by investing in jobs south of the border. This is beyond sad.
On a more local level, Alabamians in the medical, cosmetology and other related fields that require workers to get TB tests, state funding has been discontinued thus requiring these workers to have to pay for their own tests. While illegals from Mexico and other Central American countries can get FREE WIC through Federal funds that will pay for this program. All they have to do is supply a photo ID and an address. It states proof of address but these illegals know how to get around this and I doubt the workers that take the applications really check to see if the address is valid. A nice post on this subject can be found at  The Connection  ,
Contact your US and State representatives and voice your concern.....

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