Saturday, June 4, 2011

Women of a Certain Age


Miz Nozbedder got some good reviews from her last post. This one may be different depending on what gender you are. Then again, it may not. This one has humor and a couple of bleeps to make points. Thank you Nadine for taking the time to share this insight and wise wisdom with us. I wanted to write a rebuttal to this, but I got nothin’.


Women of a Certain Age

Just wanted to share a few opinions on dating after 40, yeah I said it. Before I begin I am well prepared to take some “Flack” for my views.

First let me say I LOVE MEN. (Grumble if you want ladies, but we kind of need them!) With that out of the way, I AM going to list some I‘ve met (and you girls will recognize) throughout my dating years.

Bachelor #1-The Repeater- If he’s been married more than three times (Personally I say twice, but I’m being generous)……RUN!!!! In most instances they will have at least 1 child from each marriage and at LEAST one (or more) difficult ex. My thought is two (or three) other women can’t be wrong!

Bachelor #2- Mama’s Boy-If he’s are OVER 35, and he still lives with his mama, he is probably not the guy for you! (Can you say Failure to Launch?) And the ones I have met that still live with mama, definitely didn’t look like Mathew McConaughey! In this Triangle (you, him, mama), you will not win. Your cooking, housekeeping, etc. will NEVER be like Mama’s (she will make damn sure of it). Face it, you DO marry his mama.

Bachelor #3-The Bulls****er- He will tell you anything you want to hear. In his words you are better than “gravy n biscuits”…till you marry him. Then magically, YOU will become the nagging, ragging, lazy, screaming B***ch his mama told him you were.

Bachelor #4-The User- This guy has lost more jobs in the past year than you’ve had your whole life! It’s NEVER their fault. He works harder than anyone else (according to him). His Boss, co-worker, etc. can’t do diddle squat without him. But he ain’t “taking any crap” off of them and quits. He isn’t really worried about getting another anytime soon. He has decided to take “a little time off” and “relax”. Oh and by the way can you pick up beer and smokes after work? Yeah you know that place where YOU go  for 12 hour shifts? Yeah that one. The one YOU can’t afford to quit or you both would starve? Even though you often fantasize of throwing a bomb in your supervisor’s office! Oh and do you have any cash on you? Cause he thought he would go to _______ (insert drinking buddy’s name here) house, to play a little poker! After all, he’s been cooped up here watching TV ALL DAY!! (Blood Pressure up yet?)

Bachelor #5- The “Younger” Man-if he is more than 10 years younger than you…Stay away from him! (You’re NOT Demi and he DAMN sure isn’t Ashton) This one is looking for a “Sugar Mama”. I can say that I have been flattered by younger and “way too young” men. Thanks. But no thanks. If I had wanted more kids to worry about, I would have birthed them! (Can I get an Amen?)

Bachelor #6- The Liar/Cheater-If he is trying to cheat with you, sooner or later he will cheat on you! Don’t waste your time. You will NEVER trust him, you will waste more time and tears than you can imagine! So not worth it!
Bachelor #7-No-Good Ex-Husband-Pay close attention to this one girl. If he is burning your ears with stories about how his ex (or exes) wastes the $300.00 a month he sends for his kids…DUMP HIS ASS!!!!!! He will treat your kids (and you) no different if you have any.  It’s a good bet that you will BE the ex-wife one day!

Bachelor #8-The Abuser- On a serious note, PLEASE watch out for this one. Sometimes it’s slow, methodical process over months and years of little things that lead to verbal and/or physical violence. More often than not, the warning signs are there, we choose to ignore them (because we love him). At first it may even be a little “flattering” that your man is just a tiny bit jealous (feeds the ego). But too many times that “little jealousy” leads to tragic consequences. GET OUT!!! He WILL NOT change!! DON’T second guess yourself and your feelings….GET OUT! Better to have loved and lost than for you (or your kids) to be seriously hurt or dead!

Is there a point to all my crap? Guys…are you listening??

Yes. My point is I am a strong-willed, independent, free-thinking, God-fearing WOMAN. This is not my first time to dance, so save the crap for the chick lets! I know what I want and DON”T want in a guy. I like to be treated like a lady. I do not need to be taken care of, but for the Love of God, at least be able to take care of YOU! I’m not your mama, your banker, your priest, or your therapist!! If you have an ex (or two) and kids, be a MAN and take care of your responsibilities! And could you please do it without constantly telling me every lousy thing your ex did (or does now). Suck it up!! You had the kids with her, now help raise them!

I believe there are some wonderful guys out there. I think they’re just hard to find. In their defense ladies, some of them have been burned pretty badly.

So here’s hoping that we all find that special someone that makes us happy!

Till next time!!



  1. You tell 'em, Nadine, while I pat my foot!

  2. Nadine...I think those bachelors are men of all ages!

  3. OMG, I could put names with your list. The same name for several of those. Thank God I found my Prince Charming. He ain't no momma's boy. He tells it like is. He doesn't play games. He respects me. He supports my dreams and goals and career. And mostly, he's never USED a desperate woman to get her to write a book about me. :-) ::snicker::