Friday, June 10, 2011

Yea Alabama,...And I'm Not Talking Football!!

I didn't think it was possible. Alabama finally passed another state (Arizona) in a "good" category. Alabama passed the most restrictive law against illegal immigrants in the nation. What does this mean? Well my guess is Russellville will dry up and Americans might actually get a job at the chicken plant there. We might be seeing more Americans doing landscaping and other menial tasks. And these mights aren't on chickens. I know, its mites,... but you know what I mean.
The ACLU, God help them along with the Southern Poverty Law Center are expected to challenge this in court. Here is a quote from the law center,... "It is clearly unconstitutional. It's mean-spirited, racist, and we think a court will enjoin it," said Mary Bauer, legal director for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Ok, if I understand what Mz Bauer is saying, she is saying the new Alabama law is racist. To what race is it racist to Mz Bauer? No race was mentioned, it just said illegal immigrants. Unconstitutional? Good luck with that. Mean spirited? If protecting Americans rights and enforcing immigration laws are unconstitutional, then yeah, it's mean spirited. What a moron.
From the ACLU,... Jared Shepherd, an attorney for the ACLU, warned that because of that provision, some immigrant parents may not send their children to school for fear of arrest or deportation. Well I really hate it, go back to your home country if you live in fear here, illegally. Or, get legal, your choice.
Activists such as Shay Farley, legal director of Alabama Appleseed, an immigrant advocacy group, said the bill invites racial profiling not only by law enforcement officers but by landlords and employer. AND IT SHOULD!! Why? Because they are illegal, steal Social Security numbers,... use state and federal aid and other services like SafePlace.
"It's going to make us profile our neighbors and our church brothers and sisters," Farley said. Well boofreakinhoo. We live in a world that is too dead gum politically correct. Get legal or ship them home.
I'm tired of all this mamby pamby crap. If they aren't legal, I don't care if they are Hispanic, Russian, German, Canadian, Irish or part setter, abid by the law. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.


  1. While I agree they need to get legal or go home, I can't help but feel sorry for some of them. Yeah, I know you don't. lol

  2. Well, I hate to see another human being suffer. But at the same time, they know they are illegal. They know they are breaking the law and taking a chance of being deported. Stealing SS numbers and using fake addresses. I know this firsthand. Hard to feel sorry for them in that regard.
    At the same time, I think there are innocent illegals involved. Maybe some wives and or husbands and certainly the children. But there is no gray area here, with me anyway.

  3. My Mom's family came into this country legally after escaping from a Russian concentration camp during WWII. They were loaned, noticed I said loaned $700 which the government collected a few years later. They were told you were in the US now, you'll have to learn English. It's just irritating what illegals can get now. Mary