Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Children and Facebook

I have come to the conclusion that children and facebook do not gee-haw. What? What did you say, you ask? I said children and facebook do not gee-haw. Meaning children should NOT be allowed on the site. Lets define children….. shall we?

Anyone under 16 years old to start with.They shouldn’t be allowed to interact with adults. Not one on one or in a group. But why? Why do you say this? The masses ask,….. Because children should not be allowed into ADULT conversations.(Some adults shouldn’t be allowed also) Oh no, say it ain’t so Buckwheat…. well it is so. I know from personal experience that children are allowed in adult conversations and allowed into the drama created by adults on facebook and the internet. A-P-P-A-R-E-N-T-L-Y some adults do NOT monitor their children's online experience and allow them to ROAM FREELY. To me, this is asking for trouble. In this day and time a parent HAS to know who their kids friends are and who they are hanging with. ONLINE and off…… But alas some people don’t get it. This saddens me. And the really sad part? If they read this, they still won’t get it and I’ll be the bad guy.

Protect your kids. Even if it takes knowing their facebook password. Check on them. It’s not snooping, you are protecting them. Know what they are doing. Know what they watch on tv, what video games they play, who they hang out with, what they eat, when they poop,…. as recently as today, a kid around 15 was posting pictures in a bikini, in a provocative way on facebook. Her mom thought it was ok…….. why? Because the kid wasn’t fat. Her words, not mine…. I dunno,….. I’m just glad my kids are grown……

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  1. I enjoy conversations with young'uns sometimes. They always make me laugh, and they amaze me sometimes because they're so smart.