Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eric Blackerby,… Roll Tide!

SEC media days came to close with a bang. No, it wasn’t some announcement of a major rule change or some new information on an SEC school concerning a violation. It was because of a tee shirt.

One simple white tee that had three words written on it sent the media into a frenzy. If the tee had said, I hate asparagus, it surely wouldn’t have stirred so much commotion. It looks like most of the newspapers and tv media has had something to say about the shirt and what Coach had to say about it when asked his opinion of it. While I was personally a little disappointed in Saban’s response of   "I would tell him it's not personal, that it really isn't personal," Saban said. "That is not really the way that we should respect the opponents that we have." Well, we all know of Saban’s dislike of the media. I think Coach tires of “stupid” questions. And I also think he was trying to be politically correct and just didn’t know how. Maybe he didn’t want to give the barners bulletin board material after the tree poisoning ordeal. I understand that. But I also understand the intent of the tee shirt that Eric wore. Even some Bama fans missed the humor. Because that was why Eric did it. The shirt was meant to be funny and poke at the barners. It did just that.

I had a sweatshirt years ago that Burney’s over in Muscle Shoals did for me with the same three words. I wore it with pride. I now want another one. Roll Tide Eric and remember the words of Kevin Scarbinsky  when he told you to not expect the response to this to all be positive, but the people who want to understand, will understand, and those who want to bash me just cause I'm an Alabama fan will all say the same old predictable clichés.

Football is a religion here in the south. Alabama football is my denomination of choice. Roll Tide Eric and keep wearing the shirt. See you on facebook.BN (718 x 542)

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