Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flo Bama In Da House,…. "Eat, Listen, Enjoy"

I’m excited. Florence Alabama is getting a new business downtown that will have some great food and music. Smoked ribs, smoked chicken, BBQ and wings. This is my kind of place. I can’t wait to try it but will probably wait just a little until the new wears off. I don’t like waiting in line. Or, I may try to come earlier in the day. But when night comes, I expect this place to come alive. It has been rumored that dueling pianos may be on the agenda. They promise a kid friendly atmosphere along with great food and service that will be second to none.
The owners have told me that this will not be your everyday honky tonk. They want this to be a place for all ages to come and enjoy the food and music. Comparable to the House of Blues and Margaritaville. The owners want “this restaurant to be a clean, polite, and enjoyable experience for all age groups. It's important to us that we make it children friendly meaning a family wouldn't think twice about taking there family out to FloBama to relax and eat together. We also have several Wedding receptions already pre-booked for the fall so it's big enough for semi-private events also.”
The owners also stated, “Where did the name come from? This was a 3 month battle in coming up with a name. When I was in college the saying FloBama was used a lot in regards to Florence, AL just like T-Town for Tuscaloosa, Nashville (Nashvegas). To be honest I woke up about 4 a.m. from a dream in a cold sweat and said FloBama is gonna be the name. We tossed it around to some locals and they loved it. That was all we needed!”
Check them out on facebook and keep up with the happenings as they evolve from birth to a staple in the downtown district. FloBama on Facebook
floThis is the kind of passion downtown Florence needs. With the passion these guys have they are bound to be a big hit. In reading their response to my question about blogging them, you could feel the excitement. Well, I’m excited. Good luck guys!
UPDATE,....... They are now open and jamming!!

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