Friday, July 8, 2011

It’s Idiot Friday,….

Sometimes inspiration for blogging comes at the strangest times. I can be in the shower, or laying there trying to go to sleep. Or lost in my own little world at work. Driving and thinking seems to be one of my favorite times to think about blogging. How I got todays title came from reading the local news paper. The Times Faily once again hasn’t let me down.
They have a daily poll that they try to relate to a story. Usually they post the poll at nigh and have a story related to it the next day. What is todays poll you ask? What is your favorite vegetable. And what is so strange about that? Well apparently the poll maker upper doesn’t know that a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable as it is one of the choices. What does it take to get a job there? Apparently not much. Idiot!
267826_10150308940025622_403973495621_9856332_6535483_nAlso at the Times Faily, in an article about the new texting law. While some of the info doesn’t geehaw with what the city ordnance states (See yesterdays blog) the one statement from Adrian Delarosa, 18, calling the ban “stupid.” That’s not the only thing idiotic to come from Delarosa, there’s more….. “If you're a good driver, you shouldn't have a problem texting and driving,” the Russellville resident said. If you’re a good driver, you’ll pull over and text. Idiot!
And finally, this isn’t really idiotic. But more of an observation. I’ve got to include myself in this one.
Reading all the posts on facebook about the Casey Anthony trial and the results from it this past week, maybe I don’t understand. There is all of a sudden an out pouring of love and sympathy for Caylee Anthony. Where was all of this love, support and posting when she died? Maybe I just didn’t notice it nearly three years ago or maybe the verdict brought out memories of her because of the verdict. I dunno.
One final thought on Idiot Friday. The jurors who found Casey not guilty. Idiots.
A special thanks to the art dept from Times Daily Sux, a local facebook page for providing this blog, from time to time with some of the pictures I post.
I just looked at the voting results of the poll,... 37% of the ones voted, voted for tomatoes so far. I won't say it out loud. I may know some of the ones voting.

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