Sunday, July 10, 2011

My SEC Predictions,….

With the SEC winning the last, count em, five BCS Championships, this year could make six. Many football prognosticators have Alabama winning it all for a fourteenth time. Personally I don’t see it. Without a proven QB, Bama’s offense will struggle early but should improve as the season goes. Bama’s defense should be at 1992 caliber. And we all know defense wins championships.
LSU I think is the team to beat overall in the SEC. They have their version of Cam Newton in transfer,  Zach Mettenberger. The game of the year could very well be the Bama-LSU game and it isn’t too far fetched that both could meet again for the BCS Championship if the pecking order places them at 1 and 2.
Auburn will slowly fade into the sunset with the loss of Newton and body slammer Nick Fairley. The reigning BCS champs will probably end up 8-5 this year. Of course it is the hopes and prayers (yes I said prayers) that they go 0-12.
Ole Miss,… just not a lot to talk about here. Houston Nutt may very well be on the hot seat after this year. I’m thinking UNA needs to schedule them before Nutt gets fired.
Arkansas has possibly the best receiving corps in the nation. They will score quick and a lot. Only problem is their defense may not be able to hold the other teams from out scoring them. They will be a team that will give anyone a fit.
Over in the East, this one is a crap shoot. Will Muschamp inherits a good team from Urban Meyer, but I’m just not sold on the former Texas coach in waitings ability  as a head coach.
Georgia should be improved and will need to be as Mark Richt’s  job could very well be on the line. South Carolina, with running back Marcus Lattimore  could win the East if Steve (visorboy) Spurrier can find a less drama related quarterback than 15 year starter Steven Garcia. Ok, it just seems like Garcia has been there that long….
Tennessee could throw a wrench into some teams plans for a great year but they will have to step up, a lot in order to do so. It could be a long year for Vol fans.
Well,… it is 55 days until kick off for Bama. It’s going to be an interesting season.
South Carolina

Mississippi State
Ole Miss
LSU beats SC in the SEC Championship Game….

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