Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No Texting/Driving In Florence,…..

1226-Texting-540While this is good news,… news that the city of Florence just passed a new ordinance on using mobile devices for texting purposes. Yes texting while driving is prohibited in Florence. First conviction carries a $100 fine or jail time of not more than 10 days. Second conviction is a $200 fine or jail time of not more than 30 days. Third conviction a fine of $500 or jail time of not more than three months.
Seem a bit harsh? The reaction time while texting has been compared to driving under the influence. So, no.I don’t think it is too harsh. Just the other day I was coming down Hatch Blvd. in Sheffield. The traffic light for me was green. The guy runs the red light on his side and turns in front of me. So now I am behind him. He runs over the curb, nearly taking out a mailbox. What if that had been a child? He runs over the curb a second time. At this point I’m thinking DUI. I get closer to get his tag number as I’m talking to Sheffield PD. I look in his drivers side mirror, he is texting. After I hung up with SPD, I don’t know how they handled it, if they did.
I’m glad the city decided to act on texting while driving but I do wish they had included cell phone use period. Unless dialing 911 of course.
The new law will exclude law enforcement, fire, or any government sanctioned emergency agency, while performing official duties. This will not give police/fire/etc, the right to text when they want. Only while performing official duties…. hmmmm. Yeah that will be abused just like the Florence City police officer that lived at the time on Cloverdale Rd. Driving 60 in a 45 mph zone to go home should apply to everyone.
Here is a PDF copyof the new law.... New Texting Law In Florence
Well the TimesFaily decided to write an article about this too. Read it here Only Mr Russ Corey must have read a different ordinance than I did. His dollar amounts match with the PDF file I read but he states that it is a fine and jail time. For example he states for the second offense it is a $200 fine AND 20 days in jail. The PDF file I posted and referred to says for the second offense it is a fine of $200 or by imprisonment for not more than 30 days. I've got to go with what the PDF file says since it came from the city.


  1. If the driver gets pulled over for drunk driving and have to walk a chalk line, maybe they will think twice before texting. I was ran off the road close to the State Troopers office one day by someone texting and started to call HP but didn't.I've regretted not doing it.

  2. The ordinance probably won't stop the irresponsible dummies who text and drive...Barry Morris may not be so very far from wrong when he said it would cause more accidents because people will pay more attention to trying to hide it than driving. I say take their license away for 90 days on the first offense. Second offense $1000 fine. Well, maybe not that harsh, but I just don't think an ordinance will stop idiots.