Sunday, July 24, 2011

OB Awards,… It’s Getting Closer……

OB AwardsI know it’s a little early for the OB Awards. But I was thinking about them and wanted to blog about  this years most prestigious awards to be handed out in the Shoals, ever. The award ceremony was to be at the Marriot this year with live entertainment provided by Miranda Lambert, but with her marrying Blake Sheldon, I no longer stalk her. She was supposed to be my next ex wife but Blake put the brakes on my plan. So we may have to settle on some local entertainment.

The Midnighters quickly came to mind because for whatever reason, people like them. Travis Wammack also because if you’ve heard his band once, it’s almost mundane. I’m not dissing them, just saying. I did find a guy that plays the spoons, so we may have to go that route.

This years awards will feature some of the same categories with some of the same winners. There will be an added category or two or three along with some new winners in an old category.

Advanced tickets may be purchased online or by sending me a check. For ticket purchasing info, email me. Tickets are only $100 per couple and a table of eight will only set you back $350 per table. Each table will come with it’s own mini bar and ear plugs in case the guy with the spoons has his amp too loud. An overflow crowd is projected so order tickets early as it is first come first serve. Unless you might want to slip me an extra Benjamin of course, then we can talk. All proceeds will benefit the removal of the Florence City council members.

*Disclaimer:This is all in jest so it is my hope no ones drawers get in a wad.


  1. I clicked the wrong button on the Brown Recluses response,.... So I'll have to post it this way. "Heh...and I was just about to write out my check!" Next time maybe I won't try to do that right after a nap lol...

  2. What can I say? I wasn't awake lol........

  3. By the way, good blog today.

  4. Thanks! I kinda hated admitting "them" nickel cokes, but you could only get 'em at Underwood... lol