Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Stolen Life,……

I borrowed the title from WHNT-TV, because their story of what has happened to an American citizen, an Alabamian, a Shoals area resident and a daughter and sister to two people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, is the perfect title.
Can you imagine, having your life turned inside out because someone else is you? They steal your purse or wallet, your credit cards are there, Social Security card, drivers license, your name, your identity.
Can you imagine being audited by the IRS because they basically call you a liar because someone is using your name and SS card? You lose your credit rating because someone else is you. They buy a house, in your name. That just amazes me.
You file complaints with police. They can’t help. No help came until the FBI got involved. I know that I cannot imagine what Tamara went through. Her work history and her credit has been ruined all because of one person. And this person just happened to be an illegal immigrant. Imagine that. Here is some feedback I got from Tamara, in her own words:
My purse was actually stolen in KMart parking lot in Florence in 2002 around 11:30 at night. KMart has no camera's so I was stunned. I gave a description of the only person that was standing around the entrance at the time.
Around 2004/2005 I was notified by a friend at a temp agency that she had someone working there under my name and social. I went immediately to the police, which did absolutely no good what so ever.
That year and every following year, I was audited by IRS, and consequently had my refunds withheld, my assets levied, accounts frozen. Any balance left owed would be taken the following year. I was laid off, and due to her working was unable to ever draw my unemployment or any government aid for my children due to her working. She has a home in my name, phones in my name, satellite in my name. Last year she had a child, and we are still trying to figure out if that was in my name or not due to privacy laws. My credit and my work history is un-fixable.
It is unsure or not if she was directly involved in the actual purse snatching or not.
Today is her arraignment, if she pleads not guilty then I will be asked to testify and give a victims statement. If she pleads guilty, she will probably be given a deal and set free...I doubt they would even deport her.
WHNT’s interview with Tamara,… Click here
This can happen to you. As I’ve stated before, I personally know of illegals using one SS number for taxes to be taken out and filing with a different SS number. Since they aren’t legal, they do not possess a SS number. What happens to the holders of those cards? We have to have stricter immigration laws and it chaps my ass when groups or people say my way of thinking is racist. Illegal isn’t a race, it’s a crime.

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