Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Illegals Can Do,……. And Kudos to Sam and James

It continues to amaze me that people, our people, Americans, sympathize with the plight of illegal aliens. We have added Spanish to almost anything you can pick up on a shelf. We, as Americans have caved in to the whole immigration issue. We have become complacent. This will be the downfall of America as we know it. We have become a nation of bleeding hearts, sympathizers and just general wussy’s. It angers me that illegals can get free health care, free food stamps, section 8, jobs, services like Safe Place, where they are supposedly abused, only to have their male partners living with them and still demand more. I personally know of a business that has hired a few from south of the border only to have the IRS show up at their door asking about Social Security numbers. The Mexicans that work there have provided a Social Security number to the employer. When tax time came around, they filed taxes. But using a different number to file with than what was given to the employer. Of course it threw up a red flag.

My grandparents came here from Europe. They were proud to become Americans. They weren’t German-Americans or Hungarian-Americans. They were Americans. They learned ENGLISH! They worked for what they got never getting a government handout. Why is it different now? Why is it suddenly okay for illegals to be,……. ILLEGAL? Has it occurred to anyone that these countries do not have inoculations for disease that we do? TB and other diseases have already shown up. But yet we have groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center suing Alabama for the new immigration law. I can almost guarantee you that if one from these bleeding heart groups had their identity stolen or a family member abused or killed by an illegal, they’d have a change of heart.  

I not only blame our government leaders but I also blame the media. Print and television. We have had shows like Ugly Betty and Dora the Explorer exposing us to Latinos. Making it okay to accept them. teaching our kids Spanish when they should be learning English.  Look, I’m not racist. I’m really not. I’m all for people wanting to better themselves and make a better life for their families. But when we have our own, Americans living in poverty, ghettos, living on the streets without assistance and we as a nation give illegals free health care, housing and food stamps, something is wrong. You want to come here? Get legal, learn my language, I’ll be your friend. If not? What illegals can do is go home.


On a side note, kudos to Florence City councilmen, Sam Pendleton and James Barnhart for their statements on the sale of the Florence Golf and Country Club to a Chinese herbal medicine company. In a recent article in the local paper, Pendleton said the Chinese are encouraging their young people to rediscover their communist history, which includes military conflict with the United States. Barnhart said the Chinese supplied weapons to North Vietnam that were used to kill Americans.

William Cale, president of UNA told the Chinese “We advised our Chinese partner that there was not consensus on (the) City Council about the sale of the property and that it would be best to withdraw the offer,” he said. “That was agreed, and I communicated that to Mayor Irons.” Cale also stated, “I will not allow the University of North Alabama to be associated with bigotry and xenophobia,”. “The idea that people who present themselves as leaders in our community would harbor such prejudicial views in their official capacity is not acceptable to me personally, and certainly is not consistent with the pluralistic philosophy of UNA.”

I would have thought Mr Cale was smarter than that. What Pendleton and Barnhart said wasn’t bigotry, it was first, their opinion and second, the truth. And why has UNA partnered with the Chinese? My guess is money.

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  1. Illegals aren't only Hispanic, but a great number, especially in the northeast, are Irish. Admittedly, they do not usually use free government services and they do pay taxes as they should.

    I recently read of a young illegal woman who, when speaking of being handcuffed, said she was treated like a criminal. Huh? The young woman WAS a criminal.