Friday, August 5, 2011

Flo Bama In Da House, Part Deux,…….

I blogged these guys not long ago right before they opened. I wished them luck upon opening and they have had some good reviews from people I had talked to since opening. So, we had to go try them out. The place is huge. Located at 311 N. Court St in downtown Florence AL (thanks Allen) it is very open with brick walls on either side and wooden beams. Neon lights adorn the walls along with a huge projection tv on the left and another large tv on the right. The stage though, draws you in as the band plays. The music volume was perfect for listening to as you eat and converse with friends. Not too loud but just right. The service was very good and our order came out in very reasonable time. They weren’t too busy as it was early, but they had enough staff to take care of a large crowd.
This is Flo Bama’s chicken salad with Ranch. This was very good with ample amounts of chicken, croutons, bacon and dressing. Donna and I decided to take pictures of our food only after eating some of it, I just wasn’t thinking. I was hungry. Wish we had taken pictures before we started eating, but we didn’t.
This was my plate. And no I didn’t leave these three items. I got the appetizer sampler and chose potato skins, wings and cheese sticks. Each came with their own dipping sauce.
Potato skins were very good with the sour cream. The cheese sticks were great and the wings,… well, to be honest, they were as good if not better than my own. That is saying a lot, believe me. The wings have just the right amount of whatever it is they put on them. A little sauce, seemed like some spices but they are smoked. And to perfection. I was very pleased.
This of course is the outside of the building…. they do like brick, wood and tin. A great combination.
I will be most defiantly going back. Flo Bama is a great place to go eat, listen to music and meet up with friends. The atmosphere is A1 as is the food and service. Congrats guys on what I think is a winner. Flo Bama,… Eat, Listen, Enjoy!!


  1. I received an email from Allen stating I hadn't included an address... Thanks Allen, I added it to the blog.

  2. It was good seeing you and Donna there! I had the BBQ plate and it was fantastic. Timm said the wings were the best in town. The stage is the best locally! I'm looking forward to making that my new favorite place.

  3. Was good seeing y'all there too and finally meet Timm. Timm and I agree on the wings, best in town and Donna had the BBQ plate also. I had to sample it. Very very good. Yes, the stage is by far the best in the area, along with the wings. Byron did a good job last night.