Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Save A House,…..

Buffler House (731 x 482)
I, like many of you, have driven by the Buffler House on Lauderdale 47 in St Florian many times. Built in 1931 by Frank and Julia Buffler, the house was purchased in 2007 by the town of St Florian. The town purchased the house and quickly began renovations. With the town being involved, the council agreed to allow the town to borrow money from the general fund if needed. With the work basically done, that wasn’t needed. Donations, contributions, a couple of auctions and some grants helped restore this piece of St Florian history, along with the many volunteers that donated endless hours of work. The citizens of St Florian can be proud of what they have accomplished and the city government should be commended for their foresight.
The house is available for bookings. Friend them on facebook, Buffler House or email them at
There are other such houses in the area that could use the same wisdom and leadership displayed at the Buffler House. Sadly one of those houses that has a rich history in Weeden Heights, sits decaying.


  1. I should have added...and done in less than four years. Two years out for the so-called Sweetwater Mansion, just how much work has been accomplished?

  2. Amazing what can be done with the right leadership....

  3. The Buffler family actually donated house and surrounding park to city-last direct decent locally Julia Buffler Eckl

  4. Buffler family actually donated house and surrounding park to city-last local direct was julia buffler eckl-daughter carolyn eckl eck- grand daughter