Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview With Paco Taco,….

With tongue placed firmly in cheek, lets interview an illegal immigrant….. His name, Paco Taco.

OB: First, I want to say thank you Paco for letting me interview you.

Paco: Usted es bienvenido OB!

OB: Sorry Paco, I forgot to tell you to press 1 for English.

Paco: Oh ok señor. But I know what I say.

OB: I understand that but the readers may not. You are in America so, speak American.

Paco: But Señor OB, I am not American, I am from Méjico.

OB: Yes, I know but you are in my country. You need to learn the language we speak. If I were in your country, then I should learn some of your language.

Paco: Ah jes Señor but I am here now. I am here for my family to help provide for them back in Méjico. Just before you get to the border in my country there is a sign that says, Encontrar trabajo en Russellville.

OB: And what does that mean?

Paco: Find work in Russellville Señor!

OB: And what kind of work did you expect to find Paco?

Paco: Anyting Señor. We come here illegally we know, but your country is so gracious we take advantage of it. But we work to send money back home to our families. Some bring them here too, but I Señor, I leave mine home and send money to them. There are nueve of us living in and sharing house to save money so we can all send more money back home.

OB: So there are nine of you living in one house?

Paco: Ah jes Señor OB. We share expenses and some sleep on the floor. Mucho better than in Méjico. And some restaurante have specials on margaritas here. Not so in Méjico.

OB: Do you worry about getting deported?

Paco: Daily Señor. But if it happens, it happens and I will be back home with my familia.

OB: So, does your employer withhold taxes on your pay?

Paco: Oh jes Señor. But I am afraid to send it into your government at the end of the year.

OB: Why is that Paco?

Paco: Because, (holding finger up to his lips) Shhhh Señor. I use a how you say? Social number that I got when still in Méjico from a friend. He had used it.

OB: So you are using a false Social Security number for employment?

Paco: JES!! Señor OB!! You are so inteligente!

OB: Yeah, I know. I amaze myself sometimes.


  1. At a previous place of employment, we hired a Mexican guy, who worked a few months, then disappeared. A few months later, another Mexican guy shows up looking for a job and he had the same SS card. I called him on it, and he left in a hurry. Didn't see that card again.

  2. By the way, this is your best interview yet.

  3. Thanks!! It was fun to do...