Thursday, August 4, 2011

My 2011 Pre Season Picks

Pre season polls are just about totally useless. They don’t mean a lot but they are good for conversation. As we all know it is the last poll that really counts. With that said, here are my 2011 College football top 20 selections.
1. Oklahoma, Offense is very good. defense is good. And won’t have to contend with Nebraska this year.
2. LSU, Coming from the SEC West which is no doubt the toughest conference in college football at the moment. If LSU finds a good QB, they could win it all
3. Alabama, Again with the QB play, if Bama has good leadership and play from the QB, they could be in contention for a 14th title.
4. Texas A&M, with solid play on both sides of the ball, the Aggies could be the team that represents the nation of Texas this year.
5. Florida St., with a weak ACC they should win the conference.
6. Arkansas, the passing game will keep the Hawgs afloat and in a possible SEC title hunt.
7. Virginia Tech, whenever we figure out what a Hokie is, they might can win a championship. Until then they are #2 in the ACC. QB play is key for them this year.
8. Nebraska, the Huskers need some luck in their new conference but should be in the top spot when the season finishes.
9. Oregon, after last years loss in the championship game, things went downhill for the Ducks. Off the field. If they can get by that, a top 10 season is possible.
10. South Carolina, Spurrier is getting old. But not as old as Joe Pa. This could be his last shot at a title, SEC, National or otherwise. How are those golf links looking Visor Boy?
11. Wisconsin, should represent their conference well.
12. Oklahoma State, high hopes for the Cowboys this year. Could contend for a conference championship this year, but I doubt it.
13. TCU, because this is the highest rated non BCS team… and they’re pretty good.
14. Boise State, second only to TCU as a non BCS team. Change that blue field to green and it might change your luck.
15. Texas, only because they can’t be as bad as last year. They’re still crying over 2009. And no, brisket isn’t bbq.
16. Notre Dame, only God knows why I put them here. I sure don’t.
17. Georgia, the Bulldogs need a top 20 to save Mark Richt’s job.
18. Michigan State, still stinging from last years beat down at the hands of Alabama, they should have a decent season.
19. Ohio State, my how the mighty have fallen.
20. Stanford, a lower 20 season finish probably won’t help Andrew Luck win a Heisman.
For you auburn fans, if the tigers win 8 games, it’ll shock me. But they could. They shocked me last year.

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