Saturday, August 27, 2011

OB’s Prognostications,….

Football season is upon us. Saturday the Alabama Crimson Tide kicks off its 2011 season with Kent St. More on that next week as that game will be in my weekly prognostications. Did I hear someone say duh?

I miss Leonard’s Losers. I used to enjoy his take on each weeks upcoming games. Hearing the terms giant water lizards (Florida), pachyderms (Alabama), red clay hounds (Georgia) and the Pope’s pupils referring to Notre Dame was almost a given on any of his weekly predictions.

Leonard Postero, his real name, had a way with words like any good story teller would. When you heard his voice, you listened. It commanded attention. I tried to find Leonard’s picking percentage but to no avail. I’m going to guess that it was upwards of 75%. He was good at picking the games. He was Southern through and through and his show was enjoyed by many Southern football fans across the Southeast and beyond as the internet began to form and grow.

As I said in an earlier blog post, I’m going to have a few games each week and pick the winners. The season opens this coming Thursday with several games on tap. So without anything else to blog about, I’m going to pick a few Thursday games and will have next Saturdays on Friday. Was that confusing? I hope not.

#11 Wisconsin vs UNLV at Wisconsin. The Badgers will show why the are ranked at 11. The Rebels will show why they are mainly a basketball school. 42-10, Badgers.

#20 Mississippi St vs Memphis at Memphis. This will be the biggest game of the year for the Tigers of Memphis. Ranked near the bottom in every category last year, the Tigers probably will improve this year. They would almost have to. MSU has found a quality coach and had good recruiting. This game should be over before it starts, but that’s why they play the games. MSU 38 Memphis 3.

Kentucky vs Western Kentucky in Nashville. I hate to break it to the Hilltopper fans, but I just don’t see Western competing much in this game. They do possess a good running back in Bobby Rainey but he can’t win it alone. This game could be closer than you might think. 31-14 Wildcats.

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