Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Shoals Needs Blinker Fluid,….

Blinker fluid you say? And you’re scratching you’re head asking, what is blinker fluid? Well it seems that it is something I would suggest 80% of the drivers don’t have in their vehicle.

I actually did tell someone a long time ago that she needed blinker fluid in her rear light after she said it wasn’t working. I’m sure the guys at AutoZone had a good laugh after she left. She figured it out after they helped her with a bulb.

But it seems that drivers here in the Shoals are either out of blinker fluid or just too lazy to use their turn signal. Too lazy or too pre-occupied with their cell phones is probably the case. You all know what I’m talking about. You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden you see brake lights in the car or truck in front of you and they turn. Sometimes they almost come to a complete stop before turning. I see drivers not using blinkers for turns and lane changes daily.

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You Said It, June 8th: “For the person who was talking about turn signals on Ford trucks, that doesn’t just only go for Fords. That’s on Chevrolets, Dodges, any kind of trucks out there. I believe they’re all out of turn signal fluid.”

Encountered a new, black, tag less hearse headed south on Hwy 43 two nights ago. It was weaving in and out of traffic, with absolutely no signals of any kind. As we stopped at the light at Hwy 20, I saw the poor driver's problem. He had only two hands--one to drive with and one to hold his cell phone with. Turn signals don't have a chance anymore.

What is with Russellville police? I was just behind #4919--he turned left, no signal, then right, no signal. Now that's really being a bad influence.


Related to driving but not about turn signals, I’m sitting at the light on Glendale, beside Jacks Hamburgers on Florence Blvd because the bridge on Hermitage is closed for a couple of days. I’m behind a silver Kia Sportage who is first at the light. The light turns green. The driver sits there. I give him enough time to proceed, he sits there. I hit the horn, he sits there. The light turns yellow, sitting there he finally looks up. Too late as the light is now red. The way his head was cocked over to the side I thought the guy had died. But after the light had turned yellow, I saw head movement. Upon turning green for the second time, he proceeds and then I notice his window was down about half way. But, he still hadn’t heard my horn. Must have been some intense stuff on that text message.

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  1. If you drive much in the county, you will see many cars swerve all the way into the left lane in order to make a left turn, signalling or not. Who would dare pass them on the right? Are they trying to be nice to those behind them? Well, they're not...

    And they put a turn lane in H'ville Rd. for a reason, folks. Just sayin'.