Friday, September 30, 2011

My Picks For Week 5,….

Week 5 already? It seems to be going by too quickly. Next thing you know it’ll be,…. cold. Brrrr. Anyway,… some big games on tap this week in the SEC. As of right this moment, yours truly is 23 0f 27 for the year. That could really change this week.

Kentucky @ LSU,…. Is Kentucky the new Vandy? Or do they just concentrate on basketball? At the start of the year I had figured Houston Nutt of Ole Miss and Mark Richt would be one of the first coaches to get walking papers. Kentucky’s Joker Phillips could beat both of them to the punch. This game shouldn’t be close….. LSU 54 UK 7

Mississippi St @ Gawja,…. This could be one of the better games of the day. The Bulldogs of MSU haven’t lived quite up to expectations while the Bulldogs of Georgia seemed, at least to me to be better than first thought. Look for a home win here,.. Georgia 27 Mississippi St,… 24

Auburn @ South Carolina,… The Fighting Chickens from USCeast are still looking to repeat in the SEC East, while the tigers of auburn are still trying to find some defense. South Carolina’s strong point? Offense. auburn’s weak point? Defense. No brainer. And by the way, the trees at toomers corner may live after all,… they may not be rolled for a few weeks. South Carolina 35 auburn 21

Buffalo @ Tennessee,… No this isn’t an NFL game. This is a scrimmage. The Vols will roll….. Tennessee 45 Buffalo 10

Arkansas @ Texas A&M,…. Another of the better games. since A&M will soon be in the SEC, this could become a good rivalry. Albeit, I still am opposed to having A&M in the conference. But, my thoughts don’t count. This one is tough to call. Arky didn’t show me much against Alabama. And it’s a home game for A&M,…Sigh,… Arky  34 A&M 31

Alabama @ Florida,…. A night game in the swamp. Curses. Florida looked good last week and their rushing tandem has been termed Lightning and Lightning. Neither one has done much vs Alabama in the past. Bama played their best game of the season last week. Will it continue? It must if Bama is to have a chance playing on the road. Keys to an Alabama win? Ball control. Hang onto it. Control the clock and take out the crowd. Easy to do? No. this is another pick where I’ll go with my heart and not my gut. Alabama 24 Florida 21

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