Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Win is a Win, Right? Wrong,….

You would think I would be overjoyed with Alabama winning 41-0. Not with the way the line is run blocking. Running up the middle has become a chore against mediocre teams. It has to improve if Bama is going to win the West. On a side note to that, it was good to see Darius Hanks back. He had a couple of nice blocks on some runs.
Eddie Lacy had 161 yards rushing while Trent Richardson garnered 169. Most of those yards were not runs up the middle. It should be hard for me to complain about those yards but most of them came on long runs by each player. Take those away and they have maybe a 3 yard per carry average. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but as a fan of the Tide, I expect more. Unlike an auburn fan that said yesterday on facebook,  “Me too the one that REALLY counts is against ALABAMA ;)” in response to a post that said “We knew it would happen”. When Alabama loses, my first thoughts aren’t the Iron Bowl, mine are how do we keep this from happening next week. The seem to take the approach that going 1-11 for the year isn’t so bad if the beat Bama.
The defense looked good in keeping the Mean Green out of the endzone. We all know the old cliché’ “defense wins championships”. Which is true, but you have to score to win too. Bama missed a couple of 42 yd field goals and had to settle for a couple. The Tide needs to make those 3 pointers and turn the others into touchdowns if they are going to compete in the SEC. Overall, even though the score was 41-0 Bama graded a C. Possibly the worst game of the young season.
I do enjoy watch Vinnie Sunseri play on special teams. The guy can hit. He almost seems to fly at times.
My football prognosticating percentage actually went up this week. Currently at 80% correct. I’m 16 out of 20 so far and was feeling good when Vandy beat Ole Miss. My incorrect picks this week was auburn and Kentucky.
Over on the Yahoo College Football Pick’em,.. it is a different story. BamaHoHo continues to lead but some of the others made up some ground this week. Yours truly slipped a spot to 7th.
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  1. Well..."a win is a win, right? wrong!" if the score is 41-39...but 41-0? Yeah, that's a win. lol

  2. Thanks... it will probably change after Halloween.