Saturday, October 29, 2011

115th Signal Battalion, Tie a Yellow Ribbon

The 115th will deploy to Afghanistan, tomorrow the 30th. After a short stop in Washington State the unit will be deployed for a year.
This unit is made up of our own neighbors, friends and relatives. The unit of around 500 solders leaves the Huntsville airport around 7am in the morning(Sunday). Businesses, homes and churches have already been asked to display flags and yellow ribbons in support of our troops area wide.
Thank you to the men and women who are leaving behind families and friends, jobs and the luxuries of home to serve our country, to protect us from the evils of terrorism, to provide us with the freedoms we as citizens often take for granted. My prayer for you is that you will be kept safe and out of harms way. That you will be brought back home safely and make America and the Shoals area proud. Thank you for your service.

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