Monday, October 31, 2011

Armageddon In Alabama,……

No, I’m not talking about religion. Well,…on second thought, maybe I am. Alabama football is a sort of religion to some. I won’t name any names here. Nov 5th, this Saturday Alabama hosts the number 1 team in the nation, LSU. This is LSU week.

This is perhaps the biggest game ever played in Bryant-Denny with some tickets selling for a 5 digit price. That’s just unreal to me. This type of game has never happened before in the regular season at home. Number 1 vs number 2.

This game is all about defense. Bama leads the nation in most defensive categories while LSU is right behind them. LSU relies heavily on their defensive backs while the Tide counters with its linebacker play. Both offenses like to pound the ball on the ground and both play relatively conservative through the air. Of course both teams do throw the ball well but their bread and butter is on the ground. This game is of epic proportions. So much is at stake for both teams. The winner has an inside track to the BCS championship game. The loser will still likely be in a BCS bowl.

If the last four meetings between the two mean anything, the game will be decided in the 4th quarter. I look for a close, low scoring game that could be decided by special teams, field position and/or turnovers. Regardless of the outcome,… I’ll still be proud of this team and all they have accomplished. Both on and off the field. Roll Tide Roll!


  1. After the green A's last January, I'm surprised I haven't seen any Auburn for LSU colors yet. After all what goes around comes around.

  2. You wouldn't pop for 10K to have a 50 yard line seat?

  3. That would be only fair Mary,....
    And no, SS, not even if I could afford it. Thats just crazy lol.

  4. It may be my crimson tinted bifocals, but I think Bama wins rather easily. Of course I was 11-11 in last weeks pick 'em...hahaha